New Video: Jazmine Sullivan “10 Seconds”

Jazmine Sullivan has released the official video of her 2nd single titled “10 Seconds”, which will be apart of her new album Love Me Back in stores on 11/30. The video features actor/model Nashawn Kearse (Desperate Housewives), who plays as Jazmine’s love interest that she is not very happy with at this point. Basically, she is giving him “10 seconds” to explain his cheating actions or there will be repercussions. The song was written and produced by Jazmine Sullivan and Salaam Remi. Jaz was also styled by The Stylista herself, June Ambrose.

Jazmine is one of our favorite entertainers here at SFPL and we want nothing but the best for her. But the treatment for this video was not the best…

Just because the song is called “10 seconds” doesn’t mean you have to literally show someone crying for the very last “10 seconds” of their life, with a bomb attached to their waist. Videos need to be more meaningful and not necessarily predictive. All we ask is that directors put more creativeness into the direction of music videos. It’s not Jaz’s fault but it is the team that is around her that helps make the decisions. Let’s be a bit more careful…we don’t Jaz Breaking anymore Windows or strapping someone up to a bomb visually for “10 seconds”. Let her write the lyrics but don’t display it in a video to a point where it becomes too obvious.

Jazmine, thank you for blessing us with your talent. You are simply amazing and don’t you forget that. We love you!

Your Thoughts?

-Stay Fly!

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  1. i agree. the song is great but after seeing the video, I think we could have done without it. the video does nothing for the song. Although, I love her voice, there is just something blah about her. even her circles video was just ok to me. nothing that made me super excited. hopefully, Im concise enough with my thoughts that y’all get me. for ex.: although Rihanna can’t sing; I’m more likely to be drawn to her than Jazmin.

  2. Okay, I COMPLETELY disagree! I don’t think the concept was predictive or the video was useless for the song. Sometimes when a video is blatant and direct it artistically gravitates the audience towards the point that the artist is trying to make through their song. The song is about anger, sadness and betrayal and the video projects that. Jazmine looks AMAZING in this video and the concept was not predictable or lacking of artistic direction and integrity. I think it was a good look for her and I loved it. Go’head J Sully!

  3. And for the record, Rihanna CAN sing – hence the reason she’s had 8 #1 singles in the past 5 years and is a world renown pop star.

    #RihannaNavy #Imjustsaying ;/

  4. This Video is Soooooooo BLAH. Smh Jazmine cant afford to have any BLAH Moments … she’s barely on people’s radars as is

  5. Jazmine can do no wrong in my book…I LOVE her voice and this isn’t even about Rihanna…her voice pales in comparison

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