TOP 5 Celebrity Costumes…

5. I love Brandy, How many Female Singer’s would let their daughter dress up as another Singer? Brandy’s daughter looked great as Rihanna!

She’s actually Pippi Longstocking, I’d have guested the Wendy’s Mascot though…

4. Keri Hilson was dressed as Big Bird.

No Further Questions, your Honor.

Top 3 after the jump…

3. Steph Jones had Justin Bieber down to the head cocked to the side, Hilarious!

2. Fabolous had The Joker (Heath Ledger edition) Down to a TEE!

1. Normally Rocsi is hit or a miss, But she put her ears to Good Use for her Avatar Costume. You have to work with what God gave you, Use Your Talent’s Gurl!


-Stay FLY!

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