If There’s one thing I HATE about New YORKERs and The MTA it’s THIS!


As soon as the doors open it’s like a green light for folks to get on board! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve clotheslined people who are trying to climb up my Chest to get on the train. Earth to Moron, Earth to Moron! The train won’t actually MOVE until you get on it!

One Day I was in a great mood, Ipod was blasting Jay Z, I’m feeling great – doing that ipod two step that we all do… It’s my stop, I ‘m at the door ready to exit…


The Doors Open and this woman who’s eating cotton candy comes on head first and gets her Blue cotton candy all over my white Tee…. ‘Ohh Sorry’

I snatched that cotton candy quicker than The Dream’s Marriage and launched it off the train (YES, I was mad and Rae Rae came out)!

Then she turns to me and says’  “You could have just said excuse me!”.


It’s Friday! Let’s talk Peeves People!

-Stay Fly!

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  1. My Pet Peeve #1: tourist who stand in the middle of the sidewalk on Monday morning, gazing up at the massive buildings of NYC or attempting take pictures of said buildings. I politely PUSH them out of the way as I power walk to my job. Any other morning I’m cool but its causes my blood to boil on Monday mornings because I already don’t want to go to work….

  2. Pet Peeve: Inappropriate (often loud) conversations on public transportation.

    I don’t want to hear who you slept with/who you want to sleep with, who you’re getting ready to fight, baby momma/daddy drama and crazy amounts of profanity. Oh you’re attempt at whispering into the phone is not working!!!!

  3. I have so many!! But my top 2 would be, the people who stand on the edge of the platform to ensure that they are going to enter the train before Rae gets off, but then decide to stop right there so they can lean against the door *pluck right in the back of their neck* and I understand everyone has a hustle but when Im coming from work, I really dont feel like hearing the Mexican quartet or the DooWop DooWops who never made it to Motown, and I really dont want to have the sweaty, stinky, nasty white tee brothers dancing, and flipping over my head to Ushers OMG.

  4. I have 2 BIG ones!

    One- When people ready my book, newspaper, etc over my shoulder. Ma’am, this newspaper was free you should’ve grabbed one for yourself!

    Two- When someone listens to music on their mp3 player or phone WITH NO HEADPHONES! Really? No I don’t want to hear what you’re listening to- buy some damn headphones!

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