We Like: Morris 2010 Fall/Winter Collection

We are huge fans of classic looks here at SFPL. When layering, always think of simplicity. One piece (i.e. jacket, button-down) for each area of the body is enough. Wearing two jackets, vests or buttton-downs all at one time is not a good look. Don’t confuse the outfit but make it noticeable and fashionable.

As we go into the fall/winter season, always remember to stay warm but keep your look consistent, neat and exclusive.

Get into Morris 2010 Fall/Winter Collection after the jump…

About Morris 2010 Fall/Winter Collection:

Focused on perfecting the prep look, Stockholm-based label Morris presents a look into its latest collection through a traditional lookbook and seasonal video. Undeniably inspired by the iconic works of Ralph Lauren, the collection places a European spin on what some would consider classic collegiate attire. Although an ode to yesteryear, we still sense a degree of contemporary styling amongst the collection. {Source}

-Stay Fly!

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  1. Now this is a look book! For some reason everyone is doing this now…look out for the Tommy Hilfiger FLOAT in front of Macy’s Herald Square on FNO…*snickers*

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