Anytime is the first Video/Single from Chris Classic‘s The Summer Classic 2 which ‘boasts twelve songs featuring collaborations with an array of artists including ESSO, Devynity, Ceresia and Grammy Award winning singer Sincere Gubano. Recorded in 10 days,The Summer Classic 2 reflects a season of love, discourse and of course New York summer fresh.’

Not to mention, a certain somebody *points to self* makes a Cameo in the video…

Download the Mixtape after the jump…

Download it Here.

CHRIS CLASSIC isn’t your average MC. After spending the last ten years providing songs for some of the most influential films, television shows and commercials, CLASSIC decided to follow-up last years acclaimed Summer Classic mixtape simply for the love of his craft. A Long Island native, CLASSIC left college early to help his uncle pen lyrics for his own album Crown Royal where he got the chance to meet and work with artists like Nas, Kid Rock, Third Eye Blind, Jermaine Dupri, Jagged Edge, and Sugar Ray. During this time, CLASSIC was also under the guidance of Jam Master Jay who believed in CHRIS’s talent and was working on Classic’s record deal before his murder in 2002. Since then CHRIS – after partnering with Producer Ali Dee – has been able to record songs for the themes of TV shows, for such films as Just Wright, Wall Street 2, Transformers, both Alvin & The Chipmunks, Fantastic Four, Night at The Museum, Coach Carter, Sex and The City, Speed Racer, Friday the 13th and the upcoming release Lottery Ticket and both (platinum) Alvin & The Chipmunks soundtracks – for which Classic took home an AMA. CLASSIC and the rest of Deetown are currently hard at work scoring Martin Lawrence’s Big Momma’s House 3. CLASSIC is also working on the deubt album of his HipRockSoul group New Terrace Heights.

-Stay Fly!

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