FLY-LIGHTS: Dirty Money performs @ The @ 2010 Teen Choice Awards…

Diddy and the girls, turned it up with an energetic performance of ‘Hello, Good Morning’ at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards. They were quite fly in Blue and White Custom made Dirty Money Varsity’s with Gold ‘DM’ lettering on the front.

You KNOW I live for a good Varsity.


The fact that Diddy puts on a great show almost makes me forget that he loves to lip sync. *sighs* And this performance was no Different. What I don’t understand is… what’s this new fascination with lip syncing?

Here is Diddy backstage at the TCA rocking his Diddy Beats

Peep the performance after the jump…

Your Thoughts (FYI, We really LOVE to hear your thoughts :-)?

-Stay Fly!

2 thoughts on “FLY-LIGHTS: Dirty Money performs @ The @ 2010 Teen Choice Awards…

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  1. Errrrybody has a background track nowadays. Cant always blame it on the ” Well no one can dance and sing at the same time.”
    Somebody tell me why EWF and nem aint need no background track. Them brothers would be sweating up a storm. Im not saying its everybody but the GRAND MAJORITY do. Sit your ass on a stool. If I go to a concert and people are background tracking and lip synching..I can see it on DVD or You Tube.

    I want to see your ability to entertain me since thats what you do. How would you feel if you surgeon was up in the spot with an earpiece in getting told how to do the surgery.

    Then people want to talk about Fantasia and her no shoes and sweating during a performance. At least she is up there belting one out. You know what is most disturbing? Rappers and hearing their background track with them rapping. If you gotta lip synch rap…….

    Sorry for the dissertation but Rae you done struck a nerve.

  2. Lip syncing and Rap dont mix…. you make a MOCKERY of the fucking art form. Why would you EVER think that’s a good look… ITS RAP!!!! UNGH! FOH Diddy!

    They look Fly Tho

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