WE LOVE: TC & Brandy Singing & Talking About The Haters

Shouts out to the homie TC! Forget what the haters say…keep doing your thing! Your the best in the biz right now!

Love ya B-Rocka!!!

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-Stay Fly!

3 thoughts on “WE LOVE: TC & Brandy Singing & Talking About The Haters

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  1. i love you brandy you have a very beautiful voice tc love you too man together you equal magic… now brandy your voice and harmonic skills are off the chats cant wait til album # 6 love all the albums eep singing and praying and i love you brandy… ps your contralto voice is the best with your voice going to the low lows of notes being able to belt in a mezzo-soprano voic its just all great love your number one fan jt

  2. All I have to say is…mmm hmmm!!! Anybody who knows me knows I am the most loyal B fan!!

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