Amber Covers Hip Hop Weekly…

Amber Rose cover’s Hip Hop Weekly.

Once I saw the face I was in, but then I scrolled down to the bra over her body suit…

WTF is that?

It could have been a very classy cover… Every body wants to push the envelope. Smh

Your Thoughts?

-Stay Fly!

7 thoughts on “Amber Covers Hip Hop Weekly…

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  1. The bra makes her look dumb, like she’s saying “I’ll do anything to keep people talking.” Nothing fab about a bra over clothes…smh

  2. I ain’t the one to judge, but I’m asking Jeezus to take the wheel on this one. The bra is not edgy, its not couture, its not even complimentary. It just doesn’t make sense. You’re right Rae, this could have been a classy cover. Sometimes less is more.

  3. She’s not taking anybody’s Miami looking like that. The body suit and shoes would’ve been enough

  4. The cover could’ve been very classy. Why the bra?? I would like to know who the stylist was on this one. A beginner could’ve done better than that. Who the hell chose he training bra?

  5. I completely understand and am down with the underwear as outerwear trend but this is amateurish execution of the trend.

    Heavy on the trashy and very light on the classy. But then again this is Amber Rose.

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