The Fly Discussion: It was all a DREAM?

Most of the readers know I always gave this relationship a *side-eye*. Not that it was impossible for them to be together, but more so that it’s impossible to GET to know someone at this day and age of our Celebrity-Driven Society. No one has a relationship longer than two years in this town! It’s quite sad that you have to second guess every new celebrity couple you hear about. I mean first they were working together…

Next, she was pregnant, and then marriage-or was it the other way around? #Shrugs … Meanwhile, no new music from Christina Milian, except for a sighting here or there. Now reports have surfaced of the couple being separated in 2009 (The same year they were married). How long where they married, two days? This type of publicity further proves the point I made a few months ago regarding The Disappearance of Black Love. Where’s the seriousness of Marriage our Parents owned? I mean The Dream’s tactics alone were tacky…

…pictures surfacing with the Dream frolicking his assistant on the beach. Hunh? Obviously he’s aware of his celebrity, and the paparazzi in public places. Makes sense don’t it? No. I mean people are allowed to separate without the world knowing-however, you MIGHT want to set the record before you go showing off your new buns on the beach. It might…ummmm, stop you from looking like a Douche Bag!?

So now what, Christina the rebel comes out swinging with a new sound and a new look? The Dream comes out with a double disc of new material fueled by this sitiation? Whatever happens, it will all be a result of the sacrifice of a once precious and sacred institution, Marriage.

Your Thoughts?

-Stay Fly!

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  1. evrything is about fame and not making yourself look bad in attempts to maintain your fame. Lets be real, it doesnt seem like either one of them were serious about the “marriage.” Seems like it was done to try to protect her image. Hollywood/Music industry/Sports/Reality show star life( yes I had to throw that in there because I guess in 2010 you make a career off of that) is not real life. I dont get them. Interesting to read about…lot of times though they are the textbook for how NOT to live your life.

  2. I must say I sadly agree. These Celebs just get married to look good, but how good does it look when the truth comes out? *sighs*

  3. LMAO @ Patty comment! Yes I am so tired of seeing his chubby 5th grade boy tits peep at us in photos! Excellent write up SFPL!

  4. *sigh* Don;t seriously think this was based on love anyway Ray like you said in so many words, but yes where is the love?

  5. …………. so people are using marriage to sell albums now? And gays still can’t get married?

    America, FUCK YOU.

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