5 Random Thoughts… ‘Fallin’ Edition…

Now Alicia, We didn’t want you feeling bad about your fall this weekend. So we took the liberty of compiling a list of falls that were way worse than yours.

Hope this makes you feel better.

Enjoy your Day,


5. Kelly Rowland took quite a dip a few years ago, You see Alicia, you were fortunate enough to hop back up. Kelly was out for the count. <SAFE>

Number 4 on this list belongs to Jazmine Sullivan who let her hype man convince her to walk across the stage like ‘Naomi Campbell’. Needless to say Naomi’s job is safe for now.

I know a few of you expected Beyonce’s dive to be number 1, Nope. Her Pop up was legendary, and her energy after all those pounds of hair commendable. But she’s only #3

#2 Belongs to Michelle Williams. The worse part about Michelle’s fall was Kelly’s face. The level of uncertainty was uncanny. Almost as if she wanted to Fall with her. Beyonce, on the other hand, kept it grooving…

Ohhh Michelle Fell? When?

And Number 1 goes to…..

Here’s proof that Sunglasses are for out doors, and require ummm… Sunlight.

Columbus Short almost killed himself trying to look cool.

People, Take your shades off indoors. They are not worth your life.

-Stay Fly!

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  1. Those vids were definitely hilarious especially the Columbus Short vid, he really thought he was too cool lol!

  2. Rae, you are HILARIOUS. LMAO at Kelly AND Michelle’s falls! LMAO.. And yes, Michelle was out for the count!!! *DEAD and CTFU*

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