Best Dressed/Off The Carpet: 2010 B.E.T. Awards

First, let me say that Dirty Money shut it down last night! And they looked great while doing it!

The only 2 complaints that I do have was the smoke machine (All 20 of them..SMH) and Nicki lip-syncing. I didn’t understand the 2 factors. All in all, they rocked #AllBlackEverything like no other!

#AllWhiteEverything seemed to be the theme for the night of the show. Usher represented that theme to the fullest. A great look.

I was told that Chris’ jacket was a bedazzled mess. I my opinion, the jacket was very Fly! Kudos to Chris!

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Ciara hit the stage in #AllRedEverything, which she should have worn the entire time. This was so much better than her red carpet look.

El Debarge came out and shut the young folk down! Not only did he still have his original voice but he looked good in a classic perforated leather jacket, paired with a white crew neck, black jeans and black shoes. Simplicity at its best!

The Queen held it down in a dope blazer during her performance piece!

One of my favorites was Trey Songz. With the help of our Friend/Celebrity Stylist Becca Alexis, this dude shuts it down every single time. The appropriate colors and style all combined into one. Priceless.

Hands down, The Black Eyed Peas always gets my vote. Love their style.

Jada Pinkett-Smith turned many heads last night! Wow. She looked amazing…minus the hair 🙂

Janelle Monae stays on our list for best style. Not only is she amazing to watch but her style is unforgettable.

Kanye delivers once again. POW!

With the new hairdo and color, paired with animal print, Keri looked like a new person on last night. She stood out in a major way and looked amazing doing it. Kudos Keri!

I was so happy when B.o.B. threw off that white sailor hat. Once he did that, then the outfit was complete. A very good look.

We are big fans of Henley’s here at SFPL. We rocked them on a constant basis. It was a dope look for Ludacris to pair a white Henley with a tuxedo jacket. Pow!

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4 thoughts on “Best Dressed/Off The Carpet: 2010 B.E.T. Awards

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  1. mmmmmm Keri’s look was Rhianna 09, me no likely the tardiness.
    Jada’s face/cheekbones, can someone help me understand what’s going on there, I mean really, she is starting to look like an extra terrestrial, go easy on them cosmestic procedures chica….

  2. Damn… I am starting to think you have a secret crush on Chris Brown because that jacket is ugly and doesn’t look good on anyone. It should have been burned and I hope Chris Brown did when he saw this photo.

  3. keri looked horrible…that hair was fryed like nobodies business and that horrible eyeshadow…she looked very 80’s…not chic at all..

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