About a year ago we teamed up with DJ Limelight to produce a MJ Mixtape that everyone could enjoy… In Case you missed it, download it now on this the One Year Anniversary of Michael Jackson‘s Death.

That year FLEW by.

Download it Here.

This mixtape mini-documentary took way longer than what I ever anticipated, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. My sincere thanks to Rae & G from Stuff Fly People Like and Mike at Got Sole, as well as all that have downloaded it. Thank you!

Track Listing after the jump…

01. Intro: The Meaning of Michael | DJ Limelight

02. The Gift of His Music | DJ Limelight

03. Can’t Help It | Michael Jackson ft. De La Soul’s “Break-A-Dawn”

04. Darling Dear | Jackson 5

05. It’s Great to Be Here ft. Michael Eric Dyson

06. I Wanna Be Where You Are | Jackson 5 ft. Eddie Murphy

07. Dancing Machine | Jackson 5 ft Q-Tip’s “Move”

08. Baby Be Mine | Michael Jackson

09. PYT (Demo Version) – Michael Jackson

10. Show You The Way To Go | The Jacksons

11. The Love You Save | Jackson 5

12. Body Language (King Most Edit) | Jackson 5

13. Blame It On The Boogie | The Jacksons

14. Rock With You (Limelight Mix) | Michael Jackson

15. Off The Wall | Michael Jackson ft. Cornell West

16. Shake Your Body Down to the Ground | The Jacksons

17. Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough | Michael Jackson

18. Sunset Driver | Michael Jackson ft. Martin Lawrence

19. Ease On Down The Road | Michael Jackson

20. Can You Feel It | The Jacksons

21. Your Ways | The Jacksons

22. Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ | Michael Jackson ft. Cornell West

23. Workin’ Day & Night | Michael Jackson

24. Never Can Say Goodbye | The Jackson 5 ft. Cornell West

25. Big Boy | Jackson 5

26. 2-4-6-8 | Jackson 5 ft. Pete Rock

27. Ain’t No Sunshine | Jackson 5

30. Blues Away | The Jacksons

31. Outro: Kobe Bryant, Cornell West

32. Lady In My Life | Michael Jackson

33. Thank You | US House of Representatives


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  1. Still one of my favorite mixtapes of all time. Saved it since last year and it’s stored on my phone as well. R.I.P. to the King of Pop.

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