Fly Lights: 2010 Hip Hop Honors…

The “Stars” came out for the 2010 Hip Honors last night. VH1 honored the  Southern region at the “2010 VH1 Hip Hop Honors” taped at The Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC. And The Red Carpet was…

Clearly we see why Chilli can’t get a man, Cause she can’t get passed the Wardrobe from the Creep video…

Smh. What Chilli Wants? She needs a makeover. Next stop! 2010, Please!

BANGS !! 🙂 Brandy looked smashing on the Carpet! Not a baby Hair in Sight! BOOM!

“Flo” and Brandy are obviously still dating, since he has on the same shirt Brandy wore on the second episode of Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business.

More Fly Lights after the jump…

There is a such thing as over accessorizing, this is it. If she lost the hat, it would have made a huge difference. Keri looks like her usual self otherwise.

Taraji was on deck.

Ummmm Trina, is dressed rather um different. I love it, it just feels like she’s headed to Church.

The Game never dresses up for anything, I respect it though.

Gucci !! I’m so happy he limited his 9 routine chains to just two. But let’s not lift those shades in Public please, have a little more respect for life.


Murphy Lee?

-Stay Fly!

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  1. I actually was not questioning Juvenile or Murphy Lee, sir. In fact if you check around I’m one of the only bloggers who recognized them. That question mark more so symbolizes what are you doing now? Thank you. One may not remember Murphy Lee for “what the hook gon be?” More so for his role as Nelly’s Side kick at one point, but NO hip Hip head could forget Juvenile and the role he played in Southern Hip Hop… HA!

    Thank You and You’re welcome.

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