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Check out Roc Nation’s Artist Hugo’s new track “99 Problems”. RCRD LBL called his twist on the famous Jay-Z track the “country-fried” version….

99 Problems by HugoOfficial

About Hugo:

There’s an aura of late night heat and mystery in the music of Hugo. For him, Old Tyme Religion isn’t just another album title – it’s an apt summation of a certain conviction that continuously embeds itself in his story, and in his songs. His real life experiences have taken him from the Mekong River jungle to the booth of a favorite Thai restaurant in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood he has made home. His spiritual and musical sojourns have led to Old Tyme Religion, a lyrically provocative, tunefully hook-filled unconventional pop debut.

“I’m trying to make rock & roll in the age of hip-hop,” he affirms. “A complete thought in 3 minutes and 30 seconds, that’s the challenge. A song is a planet with gravity and atmosphere and things living in it.  An album is a solar system.”

Born in England and raised in Thailand, Hugo — a seriously dedicated songwriter, musician and performer — has already plowed through several aesthetic incarnations on the road to Old Tyme Religion.


-Stay Fly!

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