Grind Time: Rich Wierdo X Panama X Chris Classic..

Just wanted to highlight the recent work of three individuals who are truly grinding in NYC…

Check out L.I.F.E. (Legacy in Full Effect) The short documentary on founder of Rich Wierdo Clothing, Jeff Crayton.

And peep Panama’s Behind the Scenes footage for his upcoming video Addicted. NYC, Look out for his upcoming Video Release Party . Details coming soon.

And Peep Chris Classic’s The Life Anthology short film and Download the ¬†EP after the jump…

The Life Anthology- (Volume 1) from Chris Classic on Vimeo.

#Life is an amazing journey on which every traveler must find his own path. The Life Anthology represents all of the emotions, issues, high & lows any one person can go thru in one day and sets them to a beat. Hip Hop has been omitted from contention when it comes to defining the average American life. This travesty has unfortunately alienated many rap/ hip hop fans who seek more than just doing a catchy dance or repeating a pathetically slurred chorus. In business, it has also distanced popular brands from really reaching the core of the hip hop community.

For almost 10 years I’ve written songs for Film & TV. It’s provided a living for me that I feel blessed by. What better way to stay true to my #life than to make short films about my passion and supply the music? The plan is to add to The Life Anthology every quarter with a new short film & EP.( I’m sure with the right help I could actually do this monthly…) Ultimately it is my aim to spearhead a movement in which the amazing parallel between hip hop & American culture can be identified & celebrated. Im not trying to promote some corny “unity” idea. I just want us to live BETTER as individuals.

We all breathe. We all bleed. We all have a beat. We live. Find your life. The Life Anthology.

The EP is available for free download right now at

-Stay Fly!

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