THE Fly Verdict: Brandy…

B Rocka recently stepped out with a new Blunt Bang, as she arrived at Timbaland’s Bday Party the other night.

I like Bangs on Brandy, I hate that belt though. Ladies, you don’t have to belt EVERYTHING, sheesh.

Other then that, B looks good!

Your verdict?

-Stay FLY!

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  1. I love the look. You don’t have to belt everything, but without that accessory, this outpit wouldn’t pop.

  2. no.. without the belt i think it wouldn’t have looked Average.. shes rocked similar fitting clothes.. and looked fine..

    ie: performance on Tyra Banks..

    she messed it up wit that BELT..

  3. I’m feeling the bangs. I loved her wig on the Wendy show. She has to careful how she styles her hair because of that Apple Head. *nojudging, just sayin* Keep it real…..

  4. I agree, Brandy BELTS everything including her life. She needs to take some Fashion chances like a normal 31 year old.. at least let the belt be cohesive… don’t wear a potato sack and try to belt it. Smh

  5. The bangs are great! Anything is better than that other lacefront mess she had. As long as we don’t have to see her hairline touch her eyebrows, I’m good lol

  6. I digg the look ,the belt isnt that bad honestly maybe a better looking belt but whatever, digg the hair ,doesnt look freshly flat ironed but thats just me being picky and the shoes are a hellNO, i would have like to see a tribute with this look or something else and not something that looks like shes waiting at the end of a rainbow,,lol,,

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