From Tiny & Toya, to Toya the Rapper. 😐

This is NOT ok.

Atlanta gives us another blow to the chest with this one…BOOM!

The Bedrock remix feat. Rasheeda, Toya Carter, Lola Monroe, Kandi & Diamond. This is a Joke, right? How do you remix Young Money’s single, without Young Money?

Young Dummies.

I have no clue who Rasheeda is, but the Nicki flow gives me a headache, Toya Carter, the rapper? *Side Eye*, Lola Monroe *Insert (explosion) here*, Kandi (is this her interpretation of Flying over haters? Cause this will crash her plane) and Diamond. Diamond Princess…. 😐

Harpo, Who are these people?

peep the video after the jump…

Shaking. My. Head.

-Stay FLY!

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