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The Deal


Coming up on The Deal this week it’s going to be another heavy week for the South.:

Thursday, April 29th

DJ Diamond Kuts & MeMpHiTz hang out with Devin the Dude to talk about his new album ‘Suite 420.’ The legendary group Cypress Hill sits down with up and coming Latino rapper Emilio Rojas to bridge the gap between the old and new school hip-hop artists.


Tuesday, May 4th

The Deal gets up with ATL’s finest, B.O.B., to talk about his debut album, “Adventures of Bobby Ray.” Queens, New York native Billy Bang shows us his stomping grounds in ‘Ridin Underground.’


Thursday, May 6th

The Deal delivers the dopest freestyles of the year in our Freestyle Mixtape Special featuring Ruff Ryders artist Murda Mook & more!


Friday, May 7th

MeMpHiTz and DJ Diamond Kuts explore hip-hop artistry with lyricist David E. Beats in the Quiet Storm, MC/hip-hop teacher Rabbi Darkside, and visual artist See-One.

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