New Video: Chris Brown Feat. Tyga “Holla at Me”…

When I saw the title I was like what’s Chris singing about now? Then I watched…

*Moments of Silence*

Chris Brown is rapping through this entire track. (?) Is he the next in a growing trend of R&B stars who are trying to make the transition to “Rapper” (air quotation marks)? ┬áIt’s not half bad, but it’s not half good. Not as bad as Ciara or Brandy, but not as dope as Lauryn Hill. In other words, Keep your day job.

Your Thoughts?

-Stay Fly!

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14 thoughts on “New Video: Chris Brown Feat. Tyga “Holla at Me”…

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  1. SMH….Just when I started giving this man a chance. I mean if you think about it there is such a void in the industry for a male solo artist that can sing and dance. Poor Usher’s getting old and Omarion can’t sing/dance live. Chris Brown is that deal!

    Then you see this mess and can’t help but think he is going through a quarter life crisis or some shit.

  2. @ D’ Angelo, exactly how does this qualify as a quarter life crisis? Seriously, live a little. Like I said before, he’s clearly having fun! Sheesh……

  3. He’s not talking about the song being a joke. He’s talking about the jokes between himself and bowwow. Check his timeline.

  4. …i mean i can take the title “cornball” because I think “ike” has a summer hit…it’s catchy, corny, and great for the summer

  5. I don’t see a problem with it. And, if it is a joke- whats the big deal? Youtube isn’t all business. :l

  6. Yeah my nigg check Chris timeline he wasnt talking about the video he was talking about him and Bow wow joking around and the blogs were going to post it. Always tryna find something to keep Chris down. I was never a fan of dude but damn. I see now how yall be twisting niggas words up for a few hits and shit. The video is mad hype. Chris and Tyga did their thing its for the mixtape anyway so why expect some straight fire? This aint a hunger nigga like Drake where he had to creat a mixtape sounding like an album. Stop hating on niggas for real

  7. LMAO my bad for posting all that shit. It look like im a fan of these niccas I aint a fan of neither but damn yall find anything to keep a nicca down.

  8. DAMN yall hating for real LMAO. This shit is Fresh for real. Its cool. Yall posted his comment he was making about Bow wow and attached it to this video. yall some lame asses for that. And why do he need someone to add him on their tour line up when this summer he’s going on an International Tour.

  9. Ok so chris is definitely not a rapper but I don’t think it was that bad it was definitely better than that ciara mess

  10. Well I see all the Chris Brown stans have thier panties all up in a bunch! Calm down kids, everything is gonna be alright. I agree with Rae, not half bad but not all the way good. Its not hating its AN OPINION.

  11. In my Martin’s voice “its aight”. JK. Its a cute video. Seems as though they were having fun. Tyga is that dude. Chris B…ummm damn. Still a cutie though.

  12. i think he is referring to the “jokes” going back and forth between he and Bow wow on twitter….not the video.

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