5 Random Thoughts: Am I Alone Edition…


Am I alone, or was Solange behind this outfit (It’s very Sand Castle Disco).


Am I alone, or do you also wish Brandy and Ray J had TWO separate shows! *sighs*

Lil Kim

Am I alone, or is Kim’s face getting better?


Am I alone, or do Trey Songz and Terrence J look like brothers?


Am I alone, or do Will and Jada look better each time we see them?

-Stay Fly!

7 thoughts on “5 Random Thoughts: Am I Alone Edition…

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  1. your not alone, Ray and Brandy need separate shows( although I couldn’t take a whole hour of just Ray). I predict Sonja getting her own show about working in the entertainment industry called ” So you think you can Manage?” lol

  2. Am I alone or is Kim’s lace front a hundred times better than Brandy’s?

    And Rae you are not alone. I’m really glad that Kim is looking more like her old self. She’s my girl despite all the *waves hand* stuff.

  3. Am I alone or are Kim’s eyebrows completely drawn on?

    Beyonce…girl…you are so much better than that outfit. She looks like motorcycle Pochahontas

  4. You are not alone on any of those except the one with Brandy and Ray J I could do with out him for a long time

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