KEYS Takes Another Stab At Nicki Minaj…

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She’s back…and with the Black Hoodie….

Check it out after the jump…

Keys is at it again…

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  1. #dead
    She get on my nervvvvvvvvvvvvves! lol Get off Nicki nuts. damn. The only reason ppl knw is bc she’s a hater. Congrats?! How yu gon make it to the top byt puttin other ppl down? Just do yu and ur talent will shine on its own. smh…

  2. You know what’s interesting? While she was talking through that entire video, I had a moment to think. What she would be like if she had Nicki Minaj’s status….I’d think she’d be a bigger “Barbie” than Nicki is. Keys just LOOKS READY to sell out the minute her name is on anybody’s contract. That’s all.

  3. Is she really at it again? UGH won’t this dusty trollop go on somewhere! So you’re gonna become famous for being Nicki’s biggest hater…..? *Blank Stare*

    In the infamous words of B. Scott, “HO HAVE A SEAT!!!!!”

  4. keys u r so fuckin wack…bitch seat da fuck down wif yo yung…u need to stop b4 yo mama find out wht you doin lmao

  5. Well…Keys may be hatin (juss a lil) on da big nick BUT…she is extremely talented…u cant deny her skillz…beef is natural in hip-hop…she is the type of hardcore female rapper we have all been dying to hear since foxy brown and lil kim’s early days…im sick of this bubble gum wrapper (rapper) Nicki…ugh

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