Sabit NYC 2010 Spring/Summer Look Book

Take a look at Sabit NYC‘s “must have” collection for Spring/Summer of 2010! Very dope collection!

You may have seen me (Gabe Speaking) recently rocking the SWIZZ cotton motorcycle jacket from the new 2010 collection….

The SWIZZ is priced at $123 and comes in the color options of Red (shown above), Black & Green. Purchase yours today right—–>>HERE!!


Check out the Fly Guys in a recent shoot rocking Sabit for the new look of SFPL, which is in transition as we speak!

Rae’s jeans are from Acknowledge & Gabe’s jeans are from Rocawear.

We are featured on Sabit right now! Take a look—->>>Fly Guys on Sabit!

Your Thoughts?

-Stay Fly!

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