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*Note…We are huge Erykah Badu fans and this is not a direct #shot but more of a curiosity and a general discussion.*

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So, we all got a glimpse of Erykah’s controversial video for her hit single “Window Seat”. The video is causing quite a stir all around across the country and in the internet/media world.

Now the question remains, “Will Erykah be charged for shooting the video with no permit?” And…“Will Erykah be arrested for nudity in a public establishment in the exact spot where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated?”

Moving on…

Once I got a peek at Erykah’s new video, I could not help but wonder where I’ve seen the concept of the video before. I did a little research and ran across Brooklyn’s own Matt & Kim. The two are a signed pop/rock duo who reign from Pratt Institute. Earlier last year, Matt & Kim dominated MTV and various channels with their controversial video for “Lessons Learned”.

After recognizing the exact comparison between the two videos, I could not help but ask myself…“Why did Erykah Badu use Matt & Kim’s video concept that was done over a year ago?” I was said that in the beginning of the video there were captions that were displayed saying “Inspired by Matt & Kim”. Totally went over my head…Oh well *kanye shrug*, although I still enjoyed Erykah’s version. 🙂

Take a look at Matt & Kim….

*Secondly, where Matt & Kim actually arrested at the end of the video? Or was it scripted?

*Third, why wasn’t this video publicized negatively just as “Window Seat” in this present day? Is she receiving the same treatment or could this be a race issue?

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