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So I get the email about Erykah Badu’s Secret Show in NYC, and I’m excited. I’ve never seen Erykah in Concert, but I’ve heard her show is amazing. I’m so in. The email said 9pm, I didn’t know whether that was start time or the time the doors opened-but since there were three bands before her we arrived about 9:30pm.

Bad decision.

My Random Night with Mrs. Badu after the jump…

The Opening acts included MNDR (who was a strange one woman band,who handled back ground vocals, special effects and choreography. One word, weird). The second act was Tony Castles (?) and the third act was Spank Rock. The first two acts dragged out their performances to bloody death and by the time Sank Rock came out at 11pm (When Erykah was scheduled for 11:45) We were over it. Spank Rock was rather eclectic to say the least with his recycled N.E.R.D. beats, Skinny suit and flesh tone socks. His beats were cool but his sexual driven lyrics bored us to death UNTIL he performed “Shake It Til My Dick Turns Racist.” *Blank Stare* During this performance he warned all the “Black Girls” and “White Girls” to ejaculate him. Smh.

Needles to say he was booed off the stage.

By this time the crowd was over life, and even more over the 60’s play list we had to endure while waiting for each act. *Rae Face* Of Course you know I went straight to twitter to vent my frustration…

About 1pm they start setting the stage for her, the DJ finally attempted to play something recorded within the last century, and it appears as if Mrs. Badu is finally coming out…. then she tweets

This Chick ain’t even in the building! *sighs*

She hits the stage at 1:30 am with no apology.

She did hit’s past and present. Truthfully, I was entirely too annoyed to enjoy it. She did sound GREAT and the Majority of the Concert Goers were happy with her performance. I did a lil two step when she performed “On and On” and  “Danger” but that was all the energy I had.

We bounced mid way through her performance, tired and hungry.

Thanks Erykah.

The moral of the story; I’m showing up for the next secret show @ 1am.

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