Last Night we made our way to Greenhouse for the 1 year anniversary Party for Founder Elliott Wilson Celebrated with a host of guest Celebrities and friends including Big Boi and Jay Electronica.

As we walked up we were a little annoyed by the single file lines outside, Men on one side and women on the other side. As is the case with most clubs on a normal club night, but not the norm for Industry Events. We braved it though, knowing that this often the Clubs doing and has no affiliation with the actual Event. Once we got inside the mood was Celebratory and the DJ was Poppin… We held Court on the couches, of course we ended up standing on them but *ahhhhhhh* thats what we do 🙂


I chatted it up with the homie Wordspit, just one of the many Emcees in the Building.


Also on Deck was Terrence J, Danyel Smith and our Homie CrystalF who is apart of the Rap Radar Staff.


Good Times indeed … More Pics over @ Rap Radar

-Stay FLY!

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