New Video Exclusive: Rahsaan feat. The Last American B-Boy “Mr. A&R”

Rahsaan is a Brooklyn native by the way of Miami, Florida. Growing up with Rahsaan back in Miami, I always notice his determination to make it in the industry, so that his voice could be heard. Many labels have turned down him down, which confuses the hell out of me to this day. At the same time, I know how shady the industry can be.

There is so much talent wrapped up inside of him, I really can’t see why he wasn’t signed so long ago. I am not taking up for him because he is a friend but I am taking up for him because talent leaks from the pores of his skin. Lyrically he is a beast. His swag is undeniable. His deliverance is major.

Take a look & listen and let us know what you think? As a matter of fact, visit his YouTube page—>>>AFlyGuy718 to get more of a sense of what I am speaking of.

-Stay Fly!

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