FLY or DIE? Kelly Rowland “Smooches”…

I do know that this lace front needs to be put to sleep. I’m just sayin…

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Sooooooo….. Kelly Rowland has a new track that’s creating a little bit of a buzz. It’s produced by Bangladesh and I for one like it. I’m rooting for Kelly but my arms are getting tired. According to Necole Kelly will not use this track on her next album.


I need Your thoughts? Is this First single Material?

*FYI* This song was allegedly the First Single from Teyana Taylor featuring Ludacris… That would have been HOT too.


4 thoughts on “FLY or DIE? Kelly Rowland “Smooches”…

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  1. This track is hot, and most def single material! Idk why she wouldn’t put it on her album??!

  2. I dont like that kelly doesnt get the shine she deserves,, kellz can sing her butt off and people still ignore her.. i heard the sinfgle yesterday and i diggy and she should use it as her firsd single, and ma girl TT woulda killit it to(speaking of which) when the hell is she going to release SOMETHING!! its benn like three years dudde but she relevant so whateve,,lol.. last but not least kelly and the lace is not frontin mama,, please either push it back or give it back two options, either way you wont go wrong*eye wink*///

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