I’m a fan of a few things; Beyonce, Whoever invented the DVR, Underwear from Uniqlo (Don’t judge me…) Lindor Truffles by Lindt… But tattoos are absolutely out of the question for me.

Besides the fact that I’m too old to confess my love in such a juvenile way, I just know better.

When I was younger we confessed our love by ummmm buying posters, Albums and Right On Magazines with our favorite Artist on the Cover. We might have dressed like our favorite stars at their concerts, but the buck stopped there.  Now a days kids get tattoos, identical outfits and plastic surgery to look like their idols.

My Question is; Is this new generation’s Stan tactics just a step up in Fan fare or are they obsessed?

Stan; Based on the central character in the Eminem song of the same name, a “stan” is an overzealous maniacal fan for any celebrity or athlete. An overobsessed fan to the point of following a star around.
It is formed from the words stalker and fan. Stalker + fan = stan. [source]

-Stay FLY?

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  1. Always wondered where the word stan came from, and now that you explained, I feel so retardid…and one word for these people who go all out for these human beings, who just happen to be in the spotlight DELUSIONAL

  2. This is not merely an evolution of fandom, this is bordering on the brink of a mental disorder. My boyfriend is a teacher and the parents of these wayward youth are not doing their jobs thus these children have no respect for anyone/anything let alone for themselves.

    We treat them like adults though the have not reached the maturity level (that comes through age/passage of time) to make adult decisions. And they are becoming obsessed with the idea of celebrity.

  3. I’m the biggest Rihanna stan from up the block, but I’m not dumb enough to get a tattoo for her. These kids need to be reading books instead of inking themselves up!

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