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You’ve been warned.

So many thoughts. My Mind is racing. I watched this entire thing with a straight face. I didn’t blink, frown and I damn sure didn’t smile. I don’t know what’s worse a six your old member of Pretty Ricky, or the supportive idiot that’s filming this. When does it end? Many people are quick to blame Hip Hop for the wayward, over sexualized and violent behavior of our youth. But we often over look groups like Pretty Ricky who quietly sneak in singles and videos about phone sex, and lude sex acts to impressionable teens, and in this case children. It is my observation that lyrics and the images that go with them invade MY Brain, and I sometimes can’t shake them and I’m a grown ass man! How can children combat these images if they can easily access them on your local video show? Yes I definitely Blame the parent’s of this six year old, and the peanut gallery of morons shouting out instructions. But what happens when the parent’s aren’t around? Hunh?

Or what happens when their Mom or  Dad is teaching them this type of behavior?

Parental locks on television programing is an excellent solution for intelligent parents. What do we do with ignorant parents?


I’m seriously contemplating not owning a Television when I have Children.

-Stay FLY!

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  1. Wow Rae I don’t even know how you made it through the whole video. I had to pause it permanently 30 seconds into it. I’m at a loss for words.

  2. lol @ having a baby next year. I couldn’t even watch the entire vid and what I did watch i had my mouth wide open.
    This is horrible and both saddens and sickens me at the same time. I was out shopping over the weekend and overheard this hoodrat cussin out her little 3 or 4yr old like she was grown. I thought to myself then it should be some type of restriction or license that you have to get before your allowed to have children….geesh

  3. On another note, I don’t think the artist can be blamed. One of my favorite songs when i was little was that “baby you can do it take your time do it right you can do it baby, do it tonight.” lol
    There has always been sexuality in music and movies and on tv but the difference between then and now is that we have soooooo many ignorant so called parents that don’t know how to guide and teach their children how to act and right from wrong. Kids are so exposed these days it’s ridiculous.

  4. Wow, this is a shame. I can’t even imagine what the person holding the camera was thinking. IDIOT! I’ve been to Strip shows less provocative! What are people teaching their children nowadays!

  5. You know what the problem is, it’s Baby’s having babies. Parents nowadays are kids themselves. To blame this solely on the parents in honestly an injustice. Kids nowadays are being exposed to so much stuff that my parents werent necessarily exposed to and with things being as accessbile as they are (via the internet), it’s hard to ask parents to police their child’s every move. I think in this particular case the parents are to blame because I’m sure it was probably the mom tell him to “get it”. But when are the “artists” who are putting out this shit going to take responsibilty and start being accountable, realizing the effect they have on kids. Parents can’t be everywhere trying to police their kids, because trust me, they WILL find a way to watch what they want to watch. But don’t get it twisted…Parents need to do more with exposing their children to things other than what they see in the videos.

    Honestly that kid looked mad gay doing that. I would hope one of those coons from Pretty Ricky would see this and put put a PSA about it!

  6. absolutely ridiculous… but what can you expect when you live in a country where “sex sales” even the shows on the disney channel and nickelodeon are more mature than when i was a kid and that wasn’t even that long ago

  7. Based on the freeze frame alone I knew this was about to be a mess. I didn’t make it thru the entire vid either but my question is how many other first graders in his class are doing this same dance? Kids come home everyday with something new they’ve picked up on from other kids in the class… so not only will your problem be what your child watches on tv… you will also have to wonder who the hell is your child sharing crayons with?? Blame the parents…

  8. I could not watch the whole video. It is sickening that not only a family member would allow this but record it! Your right there is a need for families to put parental controls on the television. What is even more disturbing is some cartoons I do see children watching are saying or showing things that I would never see growing up. The word “bitch” is now allowed to be said on radios where children hear it said on radio stations in the car on their way and back from school.

  9. Wow…

    People are on some serious Darwinism shit nowadays. And to record your child doing that and post it..?
    …Not Cool…Not Cool yo…

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