SFPL’s New Music: Fat Joe x Ludacris x Foxy Brown x Beyonce x J.Lo

Here is a new collabo with Fat Joe featuring Young Jeezy. Not a bad track but we feel like Fat Joe may need to turn in his microphone.

Your Thoughts?

More new music after the jump….

*Added to my playlist*

Dope collabo!! Ludacris still holds the crown for being one of the hottest rappers in our book.

Foxy Brown is back! Not mad at the track or collabo but why is she going-in like that? Is it that serious?? *blank stare*

I love Marsha Ambrosius but this track is not that great. It absolutely does nothing for her voice.

Here is a unreleased track from Beyonce, which is obviously very old. If it isn’t, hopefully it remains in the file cabinet. No bueno.

J. Lo is finally back on the scene with “Greatest Part of Me” produced by Tricky Stewart. Not a bad track from Jenny but I would like to hear more.

Your Thoughts?

-Stay Fly!

3 thoughts on “SFPL’s New Music: Fat Joe x Ludacris x Foxy Brown x Beyonce x J.Lo

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  1. Not a big fan of fat joe but his new track is def a banger. You guys are always on point with fashion but music is a diff story. Stick with what you know best fellas.

  2. @DJ NERD…really? the track is a banger because the sample they used is a dope track he has Jeezy on the track because no one would listen to it unless he did. The hook is corny ..I think the Fly Guys got this one right! #PutTheMicDwn…

  3. Yeah the track is a banger, great sample, dope flow, and I could care less for young jeezy his voice is irritating after 2 bars. That’s your opinion and I got mine, with a name like LiL Mama I would expect a response like that. stay fly

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