Fantasia Sings For Oprah

Fantasia performs her newly single “Even Angels” on The Oprah Winfrey Show on Wednesday Feb. 3rd. Simply Amazing. Love Her.

Your Thoughts on Fantasia’s performance?

-Stay Fly!

3 thoughts on “Fantasia Sings For Oprah

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  1. Her voice can be so smooth and angelic one moment, and so raw the next… gotta love her!

    P.S. That single tear rolling down her face at the end was a nice touch, lol!

  2. She did that!!! I like the song, I like how she started off soft and then built up momentum to that emotional finish. That single tear was the icing on the cake! Go head ‘Tasia!

  3. definitely should be the song of her comeback. The message and emotion behind it will take it to #1.

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