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My guess is that someone blew their nose on Ciara and walked away.

It is in my honest opinion that wearing pieces straight from the runway do not make you any more fashionable then anyone else, It’s not just how you wear it, but what you wear that seals the deal. We love Ciara, but this doesn’t work for us.

Givenchy or not.

She’s definitely giving us Kim Kardashian in the face though.


( Editor’s Note: Let us remember the art of agreeing to disagree. You will not agree with every post, as we love and respect. This is definitely the place for you to state those opinions and we love it.)


Your thoughts?

-Stay FLY!

7 thoughts on “And now a word from our Sponsor(s)…

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  1. Ummmmm I see what they were trying to do, but not Ciara. Something is just off, she does look Kim ish but the make up is dope. It’s just all too confusing.

  2. LOL at the FLI po po,, hilarious,, I dont ish about make up but she looks amazing in the face and the her hair pony is a good look << the fit on the other hand is a no go ,,, I understand shes fresh from paris and all but lets get it together ,, I lik e the shorts and boots but maybe the rugg shoulda been black mayyybe, shit IDK,,lol

  3. BITCH go sit down! Matter of fact, go make an album worth listening to! That ho ain’t had a good hit since “Promise”.

  4. Hmmm i like it – it’s fun inviting and it don’t say ‘look how edgy i can be’ (Rihanna) the shorts are cool, fly, in and so are the boots – and believe it or not but the the main frothy part looks pretty cool. Altogether i like, not love, but like – it’s far more inviting than what other celebs have been trying lately.

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