B Marie Styles…

The Fly guys attended B Marie’s Spring 2010 Launch/ Collection Preview this weekend. Briana showcased just a few of what she has been working on and putting into production during the Winter months.

Game Time.

Here is a preview of B. Marie’s designs:

Briana was joined by many of her Harlem Hieghts Alumni including her cousin Bridgette, and BFF’s Brooke Crittendon and Pierre Downing.

More pics after the jump…

For more info head to BmarieStyle.com

-Stay FLY!

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  1. A launch for this? Chyle launch it right back to the chopping floor. They are so not attractive. I applaud your grind, but your vision has a CATARACT!!!!

  2. Love! I want them all. Looks to only be for a forward thinking fashionista. I doubt the haters would know how to rock it lol. Fashion is for Fashion People. If you dont know how to expand it past coach bags and gucci belts shame on you!

  3. WOW, sorry Alli try again, LOL that sh*t is ate up, nothing forward about it, its rather backwards and thats bieng nice, this coming from someone who never does what the masses do, nice try on the save but taint no saving that 😉

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