The Fly Verdict: Chris Brown…

…. *Thinking*….

Chris Brown attended the Jean-Paul Gaultier fashion show during Paris Menswear Fashion Week in an interesting ensemble. First off, I like that he’s been pushing the fashion envelope creatively.  I just need team Chris to get it right

Not a huge fan of the denim, they are however, a stand alone item. The blazer and turtle neck throws it off. The Blazer is to upscale/evening to be paired with this denim. The see-thru Turtle neck under a red v-neck sweater and that blazer are a LOT in itself, let alone the denim.

The denim require hi top sneakers or boots, and a ONE top. A dope  cable knit sweater, or a fitted Button up/ sleeves rolled up… something that keeps your eyes on the denim. And not everywhere else…

-What’s your verdict?

-Stay FLY!

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  1. I actually like this look, but at first glance I immediately thought “boots would’ve looked better”. I think the shoes are throwing me off…

  2. CHRIS is really trying,,gotta give ma dude his props!!! not feeling the jeans really, the blazer itself is knocking,however the see thru turtle,,HELL NO,, I think you should be styling him mr holiday,, can I help!!!LOL

  3. I really like each individual piece that Chris is wearing from the waist up but definitely not together. That blazer is gorgeous. I cannot, however, reconcile myself to those pants. The red detailing is horrible.

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more ^^^. Individually, these pieces are pretty dope. But those jeans are hurting my eyes and giving me a Girbaud feel…

  5. Those jeans are WACK. Lately it’s been looking more and more like Chris is being styled by the gay mafia. He never really looks comfortable in these outfits. It always looks like he’s being “styled” and not just being fly. Just take a look at the pics of Kanye….whether you like his style or not, he always looks comfortable wearing his clothes because he picks out what he wants to wear. Amber too. While Chris seems like these clothes are picked out FOR him. What 20 year old kid dresses like this??? Just check the pics of him when he’s just bouncing around…he doesn’t EVER look like this. Not a good look to me at all. I appreciate him trying to stretch out and attending the shows but right now he’s not being true to his own style.

  6. P.S. who ever decided to put Black shoes on him with those jeans needs to be fired IMMEDIATELY. Like I said the jeans are super wack but at least put them on with some fly boots, casual (Red Wings, Sophnet, etc) or dressy (Kriss Van, Louis,) but those shoes are TERRIBLE.

  7. why does he continue to dress so high school, I think he needs a serious upgrade, June, can u help him out, lol. No Seriously June Ambrose to Chris’s Dressing room ASAP.

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