According to The 28-year-old entertainer (Beyonce), who has been working non-stop since she was a teenager, will be slowing things down in the new year. “It’s definitely time totake a break, to recharge my batteries,” she tells USA Today. “I’d like to take about six months and not go into the studio. I need to just live life, to be inspired by things again.” But not so quick. Before taking time off, Beyoncé will perform at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards on January 31, where she is nominated for 10 awards, including Album, Record, and Song of the Year.

*Deep Sigh* Well, her break is greatly deserved. She’s been pummeling the game for years non stop.

I guess a few of you ladies will sell an album or two this year.

I hear the click clack of pumps running to the studio…


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