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According to Gyant Unplugged, Devyne Stephens is what happened to the boy band formerly signed to Bad Boy.   The way the story goes; Diddy grew bored with the “Jackson-inspired” group and sold them off to Devyne’s Upfront Management.  They are now calling themselves “Audio” and have taken on an identity inspired by The Debarges…


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See, this is the type of coonery that makes me mad. Is it not obvious that they look completely stupid?! And you can’t blame them. They are very young and are being forced to move around as robots.

I see Devyne has passed over his foundation (make-up) and his over-all style…

It’s not so much the clothes but it’s the dam hair that gets me. The clothes just add a Baby Dracula effect.


(pictured above: Devyne Stephens)

Devyne is responsible for numerous careers of artists in the industry to date. I respect his work and what he’s done. But I think he went a little too far with this one. We have not seen B5 in years, and to jump out the gate looking like an El Debarge mishap is way too far for a single eye to handle.

I am not even laughing right now. This is F*@king sad!!

Diddy has quoted in past times:

“People say if you sign with Puff, you won’t be successful. They try to break it down by asking where past artists from Bad Boy are. If you look at who was on Def Jam seven years ago, those aren’t the same people who are on Def Jam now. Same for Sony and Universal. It’s the life expectancy of somebody on a label, that’s what it is. Also, I’ve protected a lot of artists who’ve had drug problems or have been arrested. I’m a label, not a babysitter.” – Diddy

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