We’ve already started counting down the top 10 Things we are leaving in 2009, but since we are the voice of the Fly People… we’d love your input for the remaining 8.

What trend/fad do you want LEFT in 2009?

Let us know…

-Stay FLY!


Add yours

  1. I’d like the open-toed booties to stay in 2009. They’re just not practical, especially in a place like NYC. If you’re wearing them in the summer, then the rest of your foot is going to be sweating in that bootie. And the winters here are so brutal that most women are not wearing open-toed shoes like that. I just didn’t get this trend at all.

  2. Don’t know if this counts but I can do without the Hood Lace Front Weaves! Like for real? You think that looks like its coming from your scalp? Lets take it back to where those with stylists can work that out…

  3. I’m with niki, the lace fronts have got to go… along with colored contacts and pink hair.
    The barbie fad is another thing that should be severely reconsidered.

  4. I agree with Josie & Niki. The lace fronts have to go, UNLESS it is applied prefectly…and that is gonna cost you some money, don’t like Cousin Punkin do it for $75.

    The Barbie look is soooo tired right about now. I see so many girls walking around with purple, pink, and even rainbows in their heads and calling themselves “Barbie.”

    Shaved or half-shaved heads are NOT for everyone. Leave it in 2009.

    The “rockstar scarves,” as some people call them, can stay in 2009 too. Why is it 87 degrees outside and you’re wearing a scarf??

    That is all for now lol!

  5. I co-sign the Barbie Movement, kill it dead please, and bury it in 2009, that sh*t is beyond TACKY!!!

  6. OK not one to jump on the band wagon but I so feel the ladies that were talking about the lace front**** coughs*** TRINA , u should really get someone to put it on correctly,,,, annnyyywaaaay I’d like to see the cassie hair cut left in 09′, I mean we see it as a short cut even with both sides damn near cut off , so many copy cats so lets think 2011 ,lets go years aheads instaed of whats gojng on currently… imjustsayin

  7. I love this one…!.
    skinny jeans BUH BYE. They are just cheesy on boys.

    2. Ass padding (Coco, Niki, Kim K) BUH BYE. If you don’t have it naturally let it go.

    3. Uggs on men BUH BYE….that is the WORST fucking trend of the year. Worse than Lacefronts even.

    4. Tights…well I’m on the fence. Some times they look nice BUT they are only for women of a certain build and I am NOT down with the new ripped up trend. That gets a BUH BYE.

    5. Rappers beefing on World Star Hip Hop….BOY STOP.

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