We won’t dwell too much on this subject.

You already know how we feel.

We don’t even know how Ed Hardy snuck into 2009-let alone lasted all year. We are dumping this shit on the Jersey Shore and walking away…

-Stay FLY!

9 thoughts on “# 9 “ED HARDY” (TOP 10 THINGS WE ARE LEAVING IN 2009)…

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  1. weren’t we supposed to say Goodbye to Ed Hardy last year?

    And somebody is gonna have to break the news to John Gosselin and the orange-skinned natives of Jersey Shore 🙁

  2. UMMMMMMMMM, yea ED HARDY should have been left the sceen but certain jersey and LA natives just wont let him sail away,then to top if off his daughter has a line similar to his!!!!

  3. Can you add denim jeans with rhinestone pocket accents to the list too? Your picture is working double-time.

  4. LLS, I was kinda surprised late folk were still doing Ed Hardy, I think 07 was its peak LOL and I thought it was for kids then

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