jermaine jackson 151209

*Blank Stare*


Your a grown man. If you wanna wear a plastic Ken Doll lacefront, by all means…Knock your self out.

But when you include your children in such foolishness, we have to draw the line.

That ain’t it…


jermaine jackson 151209jermaine jackson 151209

-Stay FLY!

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  1. umm what do you mean his kids they look like they jsut have reg gel in there hair come on dude get your facts together before talking crazy!

  2. Get my facts together about what? Why don’t you re-read the post and think before you comment.

  3. Never understood how people come to your blog and get upset about what YOU write. If you don’t like it don’t comment. Smh

  4. Soooo agree with Fly Girl lmao

    ANYWHO! yea dis is alll bad. real or fake its the wackness…poor boy lol…he woulda been fine if he stuck with his momma and didnt put all da gel jam mousse ect in his head lol

  5. lol@thinking that his kid hair is naturally like that. The boy look like he trying out for Happy Days: The Musical

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