Chris Brown Performs at The Nokio Theatre

Chris Brown delivered a great performance! Job well done! MJ would be pleased.

I stopped by and she said something in reference about Chris, that I have also been repeating for the longest…


“All in all, Chris Brown the performer is exactly who I suspected him to be. He’s talented, he’s engaging and he’s entertaining. Regardless of what happens in his personal life, his talent should never be underestimated. One of the best things he’s done recently is delete his Twitter account, which forces the gossip hungry public to focus more on his music than his personal life. The way it should be.” –

*high-fives Karen*

Your Thoughts?

More info about the concert at


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2 thoughts on “Chris Brown Performs at The Nokio Theatre

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  1. i washere last night nobody in this world can tell me chris brown is not the best preformer out rite now he rocked that show i had the time of my life , u can hate all you want but u cant deny his talent

  2. …oh chris…how i love thy talent…i’m still sad that of alllll the award shows and mini mj tributes…chris didnt perform…

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