Kanye West Is MTV News’ #7 Man Of The Year & Drake holds down #8!

MTV has placed Kanye West as #7 in their category of: Men of The Year. Do you agree??

We do here at SFPL. Besides, his random stage crashes and rapid cries for attention, Kanye is still indeed an entertainer. He makes good music and all in all, he is a great person. His choices may fall a little short at times, which makes him as asshole in the public eye.

This is a good look for Kanye and very well deserved. Congrats Kanye!

Your Thoughts?

Read more here: MTV!

More from Drake after the jump….

Drake takes the #8 Spot for MTV’s Men of The Year!

Giving outstanding lyrical content, catchy hooks & choruses and vocal range that catches ears across the nation, Drake has become a household name.

Drake has been very successful this year. Very proud of this guy!

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