We have to be more careful. We all know that cops look for anything to get us locked up. This was obvious a setup. I am mad at NAS for driving drunk but more mad at the cops obviously trying to set him up. And then, TMZ gets a hold of the footage….SMH.

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  1. hahaha you mad he was set up, your not making sense he was breaking the law so what are you mad about come on dude get it together if they weren’t video tapping and something happened then it would be some other complaint. if he wasnt drunk in the first place non of this would happen. every action has consequence next time dont drive drunk and shit like this wont happen. mybe this will teach him a lesson!

  2. Sometimes, Gabriel doesn’t think before he types. Like you said every action has consequence but for some reason Gabriel cannot seem to understand that. I am thankful that the cop caught his ass even if it was a set up or not. Why am I glad that the cop caught his ass? Because that means no one got to get hurt or into a car accident by the fault of NAS because that could have happened and someone could have died which could have been said for everyone in the situation. So, more drunk drivers need to be set up… famous or not. Therefore, I am mad at NAS not the cop. Still he is a great rapper which has nothing to do with his action but I will treat him just like I would treat anyone that drink or drive.

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