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Last Night I made my Way through throngs of Myspace Spam to attend Rihanna’s Concert @ The Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC. The Concert was Sponsored by Myspace, Hot 97 and Jet Blue. We were jam packed in there like Wendy Williams in a size 8 shoe. But once Rih came out, the crowd went IN!

Always looking the part, with two costume changes and a 30 Minute performance I’d say not bad. Well… it was better then the last performance I attended. Well …maybe the same, with new songs.

She did however, give a great acoustic rendition of Disturbia, and a teary rendition of Take a Bow. None could beat the sea of Umbrellas that popped up during Umbrella though. *Blank Stare*

I ultimately need more from Rih, Just more POW! You know? An Electric Slide? A Stanky Leg, Maybe?

There’s no question that the fans were happy, as we spilled into the streets I could here the glee as many pulled out cell phones and began to rave about her performance. That was the point, eh? Mission Accomplished.

Rih Rih was snapped @ the after party @ M2 in a Marc C Leopard Bow tie Brooch, Nice…

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-Stay FLY!

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