Although she didn’t take the top spot she did sell more in this first week then we she dropped Good Girl Gone Bad. Her 181,000 Copies slid her into the number 4 slot on the Billboard Top 200 Albums Charts.

Not Bad, but with the Promotion Machine she had this time around I was expecting at least 450,000 Copies this week.

Still a good look though.

She was pummeled by …


Britain’s Got Talent’s Susan Boyle who sold 701,000 copies.. Best Selling Album this year.



Lady Gaga came in a respectable #5  with 174,000, while her first album The Fame moves from No. 34 to No. 6 selling 151,000 based on combined sales of her debut and deluxe packaging of The Fame Monster.

Who’s the Smart one?


-Stay FLY!

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  1. They were selling Rihanna’s CD for $3.99 that’s less than half the price of other CDs that cost $9.99 so in all honesty she really didn’t sell that well. I would cut those #s in half because they lowered the price so people would buy. 181,000 copies is really nothing for someone who got fanmail from “27 million” her words not mine. People are not buying into her “act” anymore. I think she shouold just become a model and leave the singing and performing to singers and performers. Congrats to Susan Boyle though.

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