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I actually enjoyed it. I mean, she’s 45 people, can she get some slack? *hmph*

Jenny’s over all introduction was great, but the performance was a little lack luster. I hated her outfit until the mini change towards the end. And was expecting a better pair of Louboutins… *Rae Shrug* She did recover nicely at the 3:00 Mark from that fall, Who said that booty didn’t come in handy? #Bootylicious

Clearly the most puzzling performance of the night. As Shakira stole all of Beyonce’s dancers from the VMA’s and had them Stomp the yard while she performed. Tragedy. Please stick to shaking your bomb bomb.

Gaga breaks Glass, Whitney brings tears, and Alicia dutty wines after the jump…

I’ve definitely grown to look forward to Lady Gaga’s performances, you just never know what this woman has up her sleeve. I wasn’t disappointed, especially after the dope video she dropped for this single. She showed her ghetto roots by breaking that glass tho *hmph* hood much?

I for one was very proud of Whitney, although I know Lisa Raye was giving her a good *side eye* for jacking her white routine.

Alicia stepped outta the box with a lil choreography. Not what I expected but I was glad for a change in the routine. Shouts to friend of the Fly People Miss Ksyn for doing her thing as one of the dancers!

-Stay FLY!

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  1. JENNY for sure was saved by the AZZ, she played it off good ass hell thou,, i mean if you have a song to perform about one of the best female shoe brands to date why wouldnt you get some custom ones.. imjustsayin your j.lo it could have happen as easily as you fell… lol all jokes

  2. Although I was estactic to see Janet on stage, I was a lil disappointed with her performance. Im goin to go ahead and say it’s the weight. She just wasn’t moving fast enough for me. I Love Jlo, but I’ll have to say it was terrible. I was rooting for her but she couldnt deliver. Loved Lady Gaga. Shakira didn’t deliver either. I felt like I was watching a Greek stepshow. Overall, I dug the AMA’s until the very end…….Adam Lambert showed up and filled my stomach with disgust!!! A total tasteless performance. If your going to get nasty. DO IT RIGHT!!! Your trying a lil too hard, hope it didn’t kill your career.

  3. I love Janet, and I did notice that she was moving a little slower towards the end. Maybe she was tired, or sickness? Idk. But chalking it up to gaining a little weight is rude. She still looks great and she’s 43. Give her a f-ing break! not like she’ll be able to move as she did 20 years ago. damn.

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