Take a trip after the jump to see Chris Brown get cursed out by some random woman…

And my thoughts.


This exactly what I’m talking about. People get so emotional over issues that have nothing to do with them. I don’t approve of what Chris did, nor do I approve of the part Rihanna played. However, Let’s not act like people can’t make mistakes. R.Kelly peed all over a minor, and you STILL bump his music. Bill Clinton cheated on the first lady IN the White house and he’s still your Second favorite President. So if you don’t want to support or buy their music, Don’t. But why waste all the energy to make an appearance and badger anyone? Is that Smart?


Positivity energy is always the best option. You get what you put out. If you feel that negative about something or someone change your outlook about the circumstances, cause you can’t change everyone/thing.

I’m just sayin…

-Stay FLY!

[Thanks Necole!]

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