Now…normally, we love Rihanna’s style choices but this number right here…I vote NO/But Maybe. I am actually a little disappointed. This is a hard dress to pull off. Dresses like this particular one are more for a photo-shoots and not red carpet. She looks beautiful but this is all too much.



What are your thoughts?

-Stay Fly!


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  1. It’s so Tyra/Beyonce. Very Dangerously in Love, and I am not a fan of the full head of blonde hair… nope.

    I guess I’m so used to her being edgy that I’m a lil stunned by this “soft”ness…. I guess….. *Rae Shrug*

  2. I think I’d like the dress better if it were strapless and didn’t involve that sheer “mockneck” t-shirt thingy.
    That and the hair, that hair is downgrading all her outfits to me, it just washes her out completely.

  3. 1st I am happy to see Rihanna out of all the dark colors and makeup which although may be trendy ends up after so much repetition making her look like Pookie’s Girlfriend from New Jack City!
    2nd I Like this Very much at 1st glance it seems overwhelming but thanks to that great side shot we see that its not as much and actually quite complimenting… I love YOU Guys!

  4. she’s fly, the dress is fly but the combo screams..trying too hard….Trya/Bey could pull it off on red carpet…Rhi could pull it off in a Photo shoot I agree with Rae …

  5. I love it (except for the hair). She remindes me of my Happy Holidays Barbie I got when I was a lil girl. *memories*

  6. Its just unsavory…Too Much dress…the dress shouldn’t be wearing you…You Rihanna need to wear the dress…Just not this one…. I hate her hair period, but the BLONDE HAIR just eats away at my liver….Back to black Rhi..Please..Your so much more than this!

  7. I think she looks amazing from head to toe. (eventhough you can’t see her feet) The dress is elegant, edgy, and intricate while still retaining a sense of class. She is exuding “Hi Fashion” to the fullest. Definitely appropriate for the event. The hair gives the her entire look the soft extra Glam needed. Loves it. So good to see her in something other than black! Love you Rhi

  8. I like it, the dress is artsy to me, but she softens it with the hair and makeup, giving the whole look a girly modern GLAMOUR appeal.

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