I’m not even laughing.

Jordan-Pumps? This is a new type of  foolishness.

Clutch your life if  you’d like to see the culprit after the jump.

You’ve been warned…


Think about it, take a second.

And if you thought the drive weave, fish net shower curtain and lavender latex leggings pierced your soul, Go ahead and press play…

I don’t even want to know….

-Stay FLY!


14 thoughts on “THIS CAN’T BE LIFE…

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  1. Technology is not always a good thing…I like it better before YouTube and we were privy to such travesties…

  2. I couldn’t muster up the strength to press play… but I will say that Christina Milian rocked something similar on the cover of Complex a few years back and it was actually kinda fly.

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