Rihanna’s interview with Diane Sawyer airs tonight, and quite frankly I’m over it.

Riddle me this, Fly Ones…

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve never heard her side of the story. True. But, is it a coincidence that she’s ready to talk a few short weeks before her album release?

Smart, yes. Brilliant even. But this dead horse is being beat over and over.

And Chris’s MTV Special airs tonight, I thought he was done?

Can we close this chapter?

It’s a Serious issue, at the very least I need them both to address what THEY are doing collectively to make sure this doesn’t happen again on both ends. No one is doing that…


Your thoughts?

-Stay FLY!





9 responses to “THE FLY DISCUSSION…”

  1. Stacks Avatar

    My thoughts exactly. It’s very tacky to capitalize off of such a sensitive issue as domestic abuse. Don’t get me wrong, i don’t agree with either of them physically, mentally or emotionally being abusive to each other, but i don’t buy this act one bit. The convenience of a national prime time interview with Diane Sawyer two weeks before her highly anticipated Rated R is set to be released…millions of viewers tuning in to see her cough up a few tears, but then debut her new music video soon after on abc prime time…Now your ready to talk? Please. NEXT.

  2. Stacks Avatar

    And Chris Brown needs to have a seat as well..We get it Chris, your sorry, move the hell on and take those tight ass pants off on that album cover. Its quite unsavory to see a man’s thigh muscles protruding through his pants..

  3. jay jay Avatar
    jay jay

    o.k. im over this too. will i be tuning in? HELL YES! but no more! lol

  4. OrangeStar616 Avatar

    I thingk they need to move on past this incident, after tonight and just don;t comment on it anymore…..if Rhi wnat to help young girls advocate not staying in abusive relationships thats great and needed but no need to keep reliving that night! Love her accent too, she rarely speaks….

  5. Misty Knight Avatar

    I realized months ago when her appearances were limited to being photographed in the streets of New York for breakfast, lunch, brunch,afternoon snack ,dinner, and midnight snack. That she was going to wait till her album dropped to discuss this. Alas I was correct.
    I agree that she has a right to tell her side, since Chris Brown has attempted and failed to do so inarticulately all 50-leven times.Regardless of where folks stood on the incident I think most people are tired of hearing about it.

  6. Daisy Avatar

    Although I am against domestic violence, it’s pathetic and unethical to decide to speak out about what happened just to sell records. I just don’t believe that she’s just now feeling comfortable to talk about what happened, coincidentally right before her album drops.

  7. Lil Mama Taylor Avatar
    Lil Mama Taylor

    Dear Rhi and Chris….Please take a seat..

    What makes me upset is the fact that they both need to talk and workout their personal family issues. It would be helpful they work with others in similar situations and get the message out instead of making a mockery of a VERY serious issue. No one cares not even them and they proved that by releasing albums at the same time…and then doing interviews about it…

    I all most feel like the WHOLE thing was Make (up) and Believe…and how she didn’t know she was a heavy influence on young women? I think you both need a serious timeout come back when your both 30..

  8. Rhythm Avatar

    I concur… with all the above

  9. Slim Avatar

    I agree with everything said above, especially Stacks.

    There is no horse left to beat, they just dragging around the skeleton now.
    I say stfu and make music…even thats a stretch for the bajan child

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