Celebrities got into the spirit of Halloween this year, and the most creative Costume Award goes to Teyana Taylor…

Teyana and her croonies dressed as Sheneneh, Key LOLO, and Bonquisha from Martin.

Classic… (Thanks Necole!)

Clearly the most creative- However, there were some MONSTROSITYs running around …

The worse celebrity Costume after the jump…

Girl BOOM!

Actress Monique Coleman looked like the Beyonce from Hell! *Blank Stare* If she was supposed to look bad, she succeeded. If she was meant to look like Bey… FAIL.

CoCo and Ice T went as themselves….


Publicity Whores Khloe and her husband snuck in somebody’s Party…*eye roll*

Mr. President and first Lady had got into the spirit by handing out candy at the White House. Mr. President was dressed as himself. I love it.

The non Housewives of ATL participated in the Spirit…

Rih Rih was spotted out in a sexy tiger costume… The wait is Ova…

-Stay FLY!

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  1. TT is sooo funny! That doesn’t even look like her! Great job 🙂
    Ahh, I just LOVE my First Family!
    And it’s good to see Kandi out and about and smiling!

  2. Do NOT let two dudes wear the same (or really similar) costume as you!

    I was confused by the first pics (Teyana Taylor? where?)…I thought they ALL where men! LOL

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